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Food Curator and founder of MEGUMI’S Supper Club and catering, Megumi has been living in the UK more than 10 years and is originally from Musashino, Tokyo. Her hometown is a place which manages to retain the energy and charm of downtown Tokyo while also being blessed with stunning natural surroundings. 


Megumi worked as a secretary to senior radio and TV executives before opening and running a successful bar - Off Soho Suites Room - in Shibuya’s Miyamasuzaka area. 


The bar became popular with a large number of customers but wanting to make a big change in her life, Megumi moved to London where she had her daughter. 


While bringing up her daughter as a single mother, Megumi runs a regular supper club as well as organising a variety of events and catering for others. 


Using food as her canvas, Megumi tries to convey the beauty of Japanese culture through the supper club.  She sees these supper clubs as more like family gatherings than as business, and keeps this philosophy in mind when creating her unique and delicious menus, taking great care to select only the finest and freshest ingredients.



ラジオ局、テレビ局で役員秘書を経て、渋谷宮益坂にバー「Off Soho Suites Room]をオープン、バーの運営を担う。



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